Stomp Out Human Trafficking Shoe Drive

August-September 2019

The INsideOUT Cares Stomp Out Human-Trafficking shoe drive is quickly approaching.  We have a lofty goal of collecting 25,000 pair of shoes.  All of these shoes will be repurposed and sent to third world countries to be worn by those in need.  Meanwhile, INsideOUT Cares will receive funding to help with our initiatives to care for survivors of sex trafficking.  


The Stomp Out Human Trafficking Shoe Drive is back!  We will be collecting shoes during the months of August and September.  Our goal is to collect 25,000 pair of gently used shoes, all of which will be repurposed and sent to third world countries.  Meanwhile, INsideOUT Cares gets money for the shoes collected.  Find out how YOU can help us reach our goal!  


This shoe drive has plenty of opportunities to volunteer!  Consider how YOU can volunteer and send us an email HERE.

Ideas include: Organize a shoe drive at your work, school or church for a few weeks.  Contact media outlets.  Hang posters around town.  Help promote on social media.  

We need drop off centers

We are in need of 8-12 "drop off centers."  A great drop off center is a church, business, or organization that can provide a clear place for people to leave their shoes.  Each drop off center will coordinate getting the shoes to the main drop off center periodically.  If you have a large space we can store shoes, please speak to us about serving as our main drop off center.  If you can serve in this capacity, please send an email HERE.  


Consider organizing a SHOE MARCH.  Go through your neighborhoods with flyers and select a day you will pick up the shoes.  It's an awesome way to engage with your community and raise money for a great cause!  INsideOUT Cares will provide everything you need to be successful.  Simply email us and let us know you would like to organize a shoe march in your neighborhood.  

Email us here