Advocacy is the most time-consuming aspect of the work of INsideOUT.  It, also, requires the most amount of funding.  Without advocacy, we simply cannot fulfill our mission of, “benefiting those impacted.”  It is important to note that EVERYTHING WE DO as an organization lends itself toward the purpose of helping those who have been impacted by human trafficking.  We accomplish this through our Detention Center program, Our Mentorship Program, active involvement in drug court, and working with volunteer house parents to provide housing for girls in need. 

INsideOUT uses a victim-centered, trauma informed approach to working with victims and their families. This means that the victims and their health, safety, and trauma are a first priority. We walk along side victims and their families as they navigate legal issues, treatment, and aftercare. We are able to help when they need financial assistance relating to treatment, resources, or simply a friend to talk to.


A mentor is an adult volunteer who serves on behalf of INsideOUT to invest in the life of one of our girls.  Our mentors serve a critical role in our advocacy pillar.

Each mentor submits themselves to hours of training, as well as a mandatory background check. Upon completion, they offer one-on-one support and encouragement to the girls in their care. Mentorship is a critical volunteer role, necessary to accomplishing our advocacy goals. 


Through our partnering organization PATH Idaho, INsideOUT recruits specialized therapeutic resource parents to host victims of human trafficking.  After an extensive process, our resource parents are licensed and equipped to understand the trauma and care needed for the survivors in their homes. Each child has a permanency plan and it is our goal to help them accomplish that plan. 

While in their resource parents care, INsideOUT helps to ensure each child receives the clinical care needed to help them with their traumas, triggers, and traffickers. 

Want to become a INsideOUT house parent? Head over to our partnering organization PATH Idaho to sign up. 


PATH Idaho sign up click here

Diversion Program

This program is designed for youth that are at high risk of human trafficking. Youth are referred to the program via health and welfare, court system, or probation. This program is provided by staff or volunteers assigned by INsideOUT that will be a potential mentor in the youth’s life. Principles taught during this program are:

  • Trafficking Awareness

    • What is human trafficking?
    • Who is at-risk of being trafficked?
    • Grooming and Recruiting tactics.
    • Internet tools: How do they play into human trafficking?
    • Other players in Human trafficking.
  • Principles to a Healthy Lifestyle

    • Knowledge/Wisdom Vulnerabilities/
    • Needs/Wants
    • Boundaries Self-Esteem
    • Love Trust
    • Integrity
    • Trash In / Trash Out
  • Detention Program

    The staff at INsideOUT has developed curriculum to teach about self-esteem, vulnerability, and the dangers that lead to human trafficking. These are hands-on classes, taught in 2 different sessions (once a month).  Some of the topics covered include self-esteem, self-worth, vulnerabilities, dangerous situations, and how traffickers prey on their victims.  The girls in these classes have an opportunity to "self-identify" and tell their story effectively.